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  August 25, 2006 - MTC Academy Turns 3 -
      MTC Academy- the country’s 1st and largest medical transcription school, celebrated its 3rd year anniversary last August 18, 2006.

      The event was celebrated by a thanksgiving mass headed by Rev. Fr. Boogie Cabrera, MSC, and was followed by the much anticipated event of the day: the 2nd Annual MTC Quiz Bee. Students from different MTC branches joined the said event- MTC Buendia (last years 1st runner-up), Cavite City, Diliman (defending champion), Alabang, Parañaque, Batangas (last years 2nd runner-up), Dasmariñas, Cavite, Ubelt, Taft Ave., Sta. Mesa, Pasig, East Ave, and San Fernando, Pampanga. Each school gave all out support for their contestants. As the event shifted to the more difficult level, only 7 out of the 13 participating schools remained to battle for the final 3 slots. At the end of the final round, it was MTC Dasmariñas, Sta. Mesa, and Buendia who fought gallantly for the championship. The final round primarily involved hands-on transcription; each group finalist assigned their representatives for Transcriptionist, Editor, and Proofreader. A live feed constantly monitored to the audience the correct results of the round. In the end, after a through deliberation of both the judges and participants, MTC Academy Buendia landed as the quiz bee champion. MTC Dasmariñas was awarded as the 1st runner up while, MTC Sta. Mesa, the youngest of the operating branches, won the 2nd runner up among all the participating schools.

      MTC Academy, the country’s premiere medical transcription school, has truly grown into the academic establishment it had once only dreamed of. With the 1st MTC Academy located along Aurora Blvd in QC, it was initially manned by less than 15 employees and was managed by its founder Mr. Eugenio Gonzalez. Now, three years later, MTC Academy has grown exponentially with over 30 locations, producing over a thousand quality medical transcriptionist nationwide.

      Congratulations to all the winners and see you all next year for the 3rd Annual MTC Quiz Bee.

June 18 , 2006Parangal ng Bayan 2006
MTC Academy, National Consumers’ Excellence Awards’ Most Outstanding Medical Transcription School
      Last February 23, 2006, MTC Academy, the Philippines first and largest TESDA- registered medical transcription school was recognized for the second straight year by the Parangal ng Bayan Foundation’s 21st Annual National Consumer Excellence Award as the Most Outstanding Medical Transcription School in the country.

   The Parangal ng Bayan Foundation, Inc. is one of the country’s biggest and leading organizations which recognizes and gives tribute to Outstanding Filipino Achievers, Leaders, Manufacturers, Products & Services that contributes to the economic progress of the Philippines.

   MTC Academy topped other medical transcription schools in an independent research and survey conducted by the foundation.

   Accepting the award is Ferdinand Zafranco of MTC Academy with Franchise Sales Manager Mark De Ungria, IT Manager Andrew Balanza, and Marketing Manager Ryan Herrera.

April 10 , 20061st Batch of High School Graduates
                                 Last April 5, 2006 MTC Academy- Cavite City conducted the first                        commencement  exercises for its 1st batch of graduates of the Medical                        Transcription for High School Graduate Program. [ click for event pictures ]

March 06 , 2006Top 50 Entrepreneurs

                                 MTC Academy’s President & CEO Eugenio Gonzalez was recognized by                          Entrepreneur Magazine’s Collectors’ Edition as one of the Country’s Top 50                          Entrepreneurs. [ Full Article ]

November 23, 2005 MTC Academy @ Magandang Gabi Bayan

Shown in the above photos (left picture) are MTC Academy President, Eugenio Gonzalez interviewed by Catherine De Castro, Host- MGB; and (right picture) Catherine De Castro, MGB  Staff , Eugenio Gonzalez and Judith Acosta, registered nurse and MTCA student who shared her experience and what made her decide to pursue a training education in medical transcription.

                                 Last November 19, 2005 the growing industry of medical transcription with its                         huge employment opportunity that it brings to our country was featured in                         Magandang Gabi Bayan. MGB tackled on how Filipinos will benefit from the big                         employment demand in the Medical Transcription Industry: according to the US                         Department of Labor, employment of medical transcriptionists (MTs) is projected                         to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012.

                                 Currently, there are vast employment opportunities for MTs in the country;                         local Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSOs) prefer to hire                         experienced transcriptionists or those who have completed training in medical                         transcription.

October 21, 2005 MTC and Innovaquest, Inc. Forge a Partnership to hire Medical                         Tanscriptionists

                                 MTC Academy and Innovaquest have forged a new partnership where                         students that  have graduated under the new profiling and testing system of MTC                         find employment at any of InnovaQuest's 12 existing production centers                         throughout the country. Under this partnership, Innovaquest as a strategic partner                         of MTC, implements client specific training requirements within the MTC curriculum                         to more effectively align graduates with the needs of Innovaquest US based                         client's.

                                 Steve Dunkle, President and CEO of Innovaquest said " this new partnership                         shows strong support for MTC graduates and the Philippine transcriptionist as well                         as our own clients. Overall, Innovaquest is dedicated to giving MTC graduates the                         guidance they need in locating the right employment in any of the production                         centers located throughout the country as well as aligning them with the needs                         and expectations of our clients. "

                                 Innovaquest has an existing base of 12 locations and is growing at an                         average rate of 2 new facilities per month. "We continue to hire as many MTs as                         MTC can effectively recruit, educate and provide after they have gone through our                         own profiling and interview process. Based upon present requirements and                         projections, by the end of next year we anticipate having in excess of 4,500 MTs                         working in 45 locations after graduating from any one of the targeted 60 MTC                         school locations throughout the Philippines by 2007. Due to an increased demand                         from other countries, we are now exploring providing our model of education and                         production with a set curriculum into other areas where the desire to create a                         quality based BPO operation exists."

                                 For more information or inquiries on how our model may be replicated visit                         Innovaquest at

October 15 to 20, 2005 - MTC Shows Support for the Philippine Medical Transcription Industry                         at  the AHIMA Conference.

                                  MTC Academy, along with MTIAPI attended the American Health Information                         Management  Association (AHIMA) convention at San Diego California. MTC                         represented the  educational successfully represented and promoted the MT                         industry at the Philippines.

                                  AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM)                         professionals. AHIMA's 50,000 members are dedicated to the effective                         management of personal health information needed to deliver quality healthcare                         to the public. Founded in 1928 to improve the quality of medical records, AHIMA                         is committed to advancing the HIM profession in an increasingly electronic and                         global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and                         lifelong learning. (Should any of this be in quotes?)

September 15, 2005The Philippines 1st Nationwide Central Profiling System for Medical                         Transcriptionists

                                  MTC implements the country’s first central profiling system that is patterned                         after the AAMT Certified Medical Transcription Board Examinations. Through its                         state-of-the-art dual back up testing system, MTC now guarantees that all                         students graduate with a minimum of 98% quality per report and a minimum                         daily production rate at a 350 lines per day.

                                  Eugenio M. Gonzalez, the President of MTC said, “This is a bold step for                         MTC in its move for a single standard of quality so that it can guarantee to                         accuracy and quality all corporate partners and clients .”

                                  In summary, the new system sets the tone for the entire medical                         transcription education industry by assuring all corporate partners and clients a                         single standard insuring that quality, accuracy and education are synonymous with                         MTC Academy.

  August 20, 2005 - MTC ACADEMY KICKS OFF ITS SECOND ANNIVERSARY WITH THE LAUNCH                         OF ITS  FIRST ANNUAL QUIZ BEE - MTCA Turns 2! The Best and Largest Medical                         Transcription School in the country celebrated its 2nd year anniversary last August                         18, 2005 at the MTC Academy- Central Office in Makati. The anniversary was                         highlighted with the launch of the 1st Annual National MTCA Quiz Bee. Participants                         from different MTC Academy branches gathered to take part in this most                         anticipated anniversary event. Among the top MT student contenders were from                         MTC Buendia, MTC Cavite, MTC East Avenue, MTC Diliman (DCTI-MTC), MTC                         Alabang, MTC Batangas, and MTC Dasmarinas.

                                  Dra. Gia Sison- MTCAs Associate Dean for Academic Affairs was the event                         quiz  master. Questions were given in different levels and the top 3 finalists were                         made to do actual transcriptions to identify who among them is the best.                         Familiarity and knowledge of Medical terms, as well as 95% accuracy standard in                         transcription were used as the basis for judgment.

                                  MTC Academy – Cavite City added to the festivities by doing an ethnic dance                         to the beat of a hip-hop tune, surprising each and everyone present.

                                  In the end there can only be one. MT students from MTC Diliman was                         declared champion MT school for the year 2005. Coming in as 1st runner-up were                         students from MTC Buendia and the 2nd Runner-up was awarded to MTC                         Batangas students. Trophies, medals, and gift checks were given to the winning                         teams and certificates of participation were awarded to all contestants.                         Congratulations to the MTC Family for a very successful event!

  August 10, 2005 - MTC Academy heads SOUTH and joins the METRO SOUTH JOB FAIR. Visit                         us at the Expo Trade Hall of the Festval Supermall, Alabang on August 11 to 13,                         2005 and realize the benefits of being a Medical Transcriptionist and find out why                         time and time again MTC is the preferred choice of medical transcriptionists                         throughout the country.

  August 9, 2005 - Find out what opportunities there are in Medical Transcription Be part of a                         billion dollar industry. MTC Academy is going to conduct a free career orientation                         at the 1st National Healthcare Expo at the Mega Trade Hall 1 of SM Mega Mall.                         MTC Academy career orientation starts at 3:30 pm on the 10th of August 2005.

  August 6, 2005 - MTC Academy turns 2 this August 18! The group of companies celebrate at                         Sentro Manila. After successfully educating and placing thousands of students                         MTC management has set its objectives higher to establish an additional 20                         schools within the next 12 months.

  August 4, 2005 - MTC Academy appears on Pipol next week with Ces Drilon showcasing the                         vision of Eugenio M. Gonzalez, the president of MTC. In the interview he explains                         how MTC and the ITO group has influenced thousands of jobs in the country and                         the establishment of hundreds of MT businesses.

  August 2, 2005 - MTC Academy appeared in GMA 7 on 24 Oras on August 1 and 4 showcasing                         the opportunities in the medical transcription profession.

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